House of Friends

 House of Friend has been officially closed. Thank you for years of support.

What Now

Eddy Reber House

 Here is what continues Paul Busulwa still oversees the work. Pastor Valentine and Eunice still continue the work with very little help. 

Barb Decker and John Gross have gone under the ministry of Pastor Billy and their church  who have a ministry called Global Impact Relief their facebook page is below.

If you would like to give toward the Eddy Reber House project and receive a tax deduction here is the contact information.

Please write checks payable to: Global Impact Relief, 5110 E. 800 South, Monterey IN 46960 (attach a note funds for Eddy Reber Memorial House)

Web site is

Previous work newsletters

Thank you for your support of many wonderful projects. Years worth of newsletters can be seen here.

What about Ethiopia?

There is a great International school John Gross and Barabra Decker continues to visit in Dessie. John and Barbara are now working under Global Impact Relief in Indiana. Pastor Billy Bope is overseeing the work. The school has a web page: